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Dear coaches,

Becoming a Broyles Award Finalist is a unique privilege in college football, placing you in an unrivaled group of peers dating back almost thirty years. The Broyles family, friends, hosts, and guests cannot wait to share this special experience with you during your visit to Arkansas.

As time passes, the number of people who knew Coach Broyles during his coaching prime will continue to decline. In spite of this, the shadow of his life looms large over everything assistant coaches experience today. He was a stalwart advocate for the value of assistant coaches, and personally led the campaign to improve hiring practices, salaries, and staff support that assistant coaches have today. Your work is valuable, and he knew that better than anyone.

To honor his legacy, please take a moment to watch the following two videos. These short films revisit the life story of Coach Frank Broyles, his passion for excellence, and the Alzheimer’s foundation he established as his final, lasting legacy.

Thank you,

Betsy Broyles Arnold and Molly Harrell

Daughter and Granddaughter of Coach Broyles

frank broyles, arkansas legend

Produced by the University of Arkansas Dept. of Athletics

The Broyles Legacy

A personal message from family and loved ones

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