On April 28th, 2019, the Broyles Award Selection Committee was proud to announce the first annual High School Broyles Award recipient: Assistant Coach Doc Crowley of Booneville, Arkansas. Criteria and selection methods were similar to those for the collegiate Broyles Award, specifically that all assistant coaches under consideration were submitted by head coaches. 

David Bazzel, co-founder of the Broyles Award alongside Coach Frank Broyles in 1996, stated that the first High School Broyles Award was selected from candidates within the Broyles Foundation’s home state of Arkansas, however the award’s search criteria would eventually expand to all 50 states.


“My grandfather would have been so pleased...his most coveted assistant at Arkansas, Wilson Matthews, was an outstanding high school coach and was chosen by Coach Broyles to be featured with him on the collegiate Broyles Award statue that is presented each year to the winner.”

Molly Arnold, Broyles Foundation Executive Director

Coach Wilson Matthews was already a legendary coach before becoming Coach Broyles’ assistant coach in 1958, however he started his career – as many college coaches do – coaching high school. After leading the Little Rock Central Tigers on a 33-game winning streak in 1956-7, Coach Broyles tapped him to be come his assistant coach for the 1958 season. The two coached together at Arkansas for the next decade, a relationship so important to Coach Broyles that Wilson was chosen as the symbol of preeminent assistant coaching for the Broyles Award trophy.


High School Coaches

Casey Pearce

TEXAS Longview High School Defensive Coordinator

High School Coaches

Bert Newton

ALABAMA Hartselle High School Defensive Coordinator

High School Coaches

Doc Crowley

ARKANSAS Booneville High School Offensive Coordinator