In 2018, the Broyles Award added to their 25-year tradition of honoring the nation’s best collegiate assistant football coaches through the creation of the High School Broyles Award. This award recognizes the top high school assistant football coach in every participating state, projecting their excellence onto the national stage.

“My grandfather would have been so pleased...his most coveted assistant at Arkansas, Wilson Matthews, was an outstanding high school coach and was chosen by Coach Broyles to be featured with him on the collegiate Broyles Award statue that is presented each year to the winner.”


When making the decision which of his former assistants would be featured in bronze beside him on the Broyles Award trophy, Frank Broyles had some notable options. Barry Switzer, Joe Gibbs, Jimmy Johnson, Johnny Majors, Haden Fry, Raymond Berry and Jackie Sherrill were just a few of the 25 former Broyles’ assistants that later became head coaches.

But without hesitation, Broyles’ choice was Wilson Matthews. Matthews, Broyles’ first assistant coach hire at Arkansas, was a legend in Arkansas high school football leading the Central Tigers to 10 state titles in 11 years, a 111-14-3 record including a 33-game winning streak and fresh off the mythical national high school championship in 1957.

He remained in at Arkansas until 1968, helping the Hogs capture a National Championship in 1964 and make 8 bowl game appearances. Regarded by his high school and collegiate players as fierce-yet-loved and by Coach Broyles as his most loyal and trusted assistant, Matthews was the role model of the perfect assistant coach.


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