SINCE 1996

2024 Nominee

Bill Durkin



Offensive Line Coach

Why should this nominee be considered for the Broyles Award?

In Bill Durkin’s first year as Liberty’s offensive line coach, he has helped transform the offense into a national recognized high-powered unit. Liberty is currently number one in time of possession and number one in rushing offense. The offensive line has allowed 0.8 sacks per game and currently ranks sixth in total offense. These outstanding numbers reflect Coach Durkin’s exceptional ability to mold a cohesive unit which has contributed to Liberty’s success all while naming four new offensive line starters at the beginning of the 2023 season. Beyond statistical achievements, Coach Durkin’s leadership has fostered unparalleled unity within the team and offensive line. Players not only embraced a new system in his first year but also demonstrated unprecedented cohesion and selfless play. His ability to get his group to gel and play for one another is a defining factor in Liberty’s offensive success. His coaching philosophy and innovative game planning strategies have propelled Liberty’s offense this season to one of the best in the country. As Liberty’s offensive line coach, he has not only navigated the challenges of implementing a new system but has also fostered an environment where players thrive. His coaching acumen and the resulting statistical achievements are a testament to his ability to adapt, innovate, and lead a team to success. Coach Durkin’s contributions to the Liberty Football Program make him a deserving candidate for the Broyles Award. His transformative impact on the teams’ offensive performance, coupled with his exceptional leadership qualities, set him apart as a coach who not only achieves statistical success but also creates an enduring legacy of excellence on the field.