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Coach Broyles did it first! He had Frosted Flakes and vanilla ice cream before every game as ‘good luck.’ @KATVNews

Congratulations to South Carolina and Virginia, the two newest states in the HSBA program! Learn more at


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One of greatest guys you will ever meet is High School @BroylesAward, 2019 Texas Winner @CoachTSalazar of @Westlake_Nation! Had a great time visiting with him, his family, his staff and their families at the 2023 @WeAreAFCA conference this year. @THSCAcoaches @FieldTurf

A salute to the only two brothers to share the title of “Broyles Award Winner”!

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48 hours til Broyles Award winner @CoachGRiley & finalist @CoachToddMonken face off!

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