Darrell Wyatt


Wide Receivers

Conference: American Athletic

Coach Stats

Why should this nominee be considered for the Broyles Award?
Currently has 2 WRS in the top 10 in Receiving Yards after 9 games, One of which is top 5 in almost every WR category and over 1000 yards in 8 games.. His group (7 individual players) currently has 190 receptions Totaling over 3100 yards and 27 TDS. He has been a mainstay for an Offense that has been Top 5 the past 3 seasons.
Coach's Past Performance
Has nearly 30 Years of Coaching experience .Has been the WRs Coach for a UCF Offense that has been ranked in the top 5 for 3 straight years and #2 in 2019 only behind LSU
Team Record and Standings
Currently 6-3(28-7) 2018-2020
Team/Unit Stats
– Marlon Williams, 51rec 1039yds 14.63avg 10td 85lg – Jaylon Robinson, 51rec 935yds 18.33avg 5td 70Lg – Jacob Harris, 26rec 472yds 18.15avg 7td 55Lg – Ryan O’Keefe, 19rec 383yds 20.16avg 3td 93Lg – Tre Nixon, 14rec 212yds 15.14avg 2td 51Lg – Ja’Cyais Credle, 6rec 54yds 9.00avg 19Lg – Amari Johnson, 3rec 26yd 8.67avg 13Lg
Individual Player Stats
Marion Williams 8(GP) 71(CATCHES) 1039(YARDS) 14.63 (YPC AVG) 10(TD) 85(LONG) 129.88(YPG AVG); Jaylon Robinson 9(GP) 51(CATCHES) 935(YARDS) 18.33 (YPC AVG) 5(TD) 70(LONG) 103.89(YPG AVG); Jacob Harris 9(GP) 26(CATCHES) 472(YARDS) 18.15(YPC AVG) 7(TD) 55(LONG) 52.44(YPG AVG); Ryan O’Keefe 9(GP) 19(CATCHES) 383(YARDS) 20.16(YPC AVG) 3(TD) 93(LONG) 42.56(YPG AVG); Tre Nixon 3(GP) 14(CATCHES) 212(YARDS) 15.14(YPC AVG) 2(TD) 51(LONG) 70.67(YPG AVG);